Vimla Sood, Tabitha Solomon, Fatima Ali Jinnah……Who among them are the first female dentists of India?

Women have a long history in the field of dentistry. Badri Teymourtash was the first female Iranian dentist. Josephrine Serre

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Gujarat Riots – 1969 : When Congress Government Helped an anti-Muslim Massacre

(Following is an excerpt from Professor Ghanshyam Shah’s ‘Communal Riots in Gujarat : Report of a Preliminary Investigation’ published in

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HINDU-MUSLIM COMRADESHIP : By Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni

The Muslims have joined hands with the Hindus since the day they adopted India as
their country, and as for myself I have made political and social alliance with the Hindus since I saw the light of the day as I was born and brought up in this very country

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