Moondar : Muslim Friend of Rani Jhansi Who Martyred Herself For The Motherland

Robert Hamilton, agent of the governor General to Central India, wrote to the secretary of Government of India on 30th October, 1858 informing about the martyrdom of Queen of Jhansi. He wrote:

“Rani was riding a horse. There was another Muslim woman riding with her, who used to be her servant as well as companion since many years. Both fell down from the horse with the bullet wounds simultaneously.”

John Venables Sturt, who was stationed near Jhansi during 1857, claimed that the Muslim woman accompanying Rani was Moondar and that only Moondar was martyred on the spot while Rani could not be killed by the British bullets.   

(Source : Foreign Political, A, 31st December, 1858, National Archives of India, New Delhi)

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