Sufia Fatima

Suraj-Kund lies about 3km southeast of Tughluqabad in District Faridabad. The reservoir is believed to have been constructed in the tenth century by King SURAJPAL of Tomar Dynasty.

The construction consists of a steeped stone embankment on a semi-circular plan to impound the rain waters from the hills. It is believed that a temple of the Sun existed on its west, certain carved stones from which were recently retrieved from the reservoir.

Firuz Shah Tughluq(1351-88), who took keen interest in irrigation works, had it steps and terraces repaired by laying lime-concrete over them. Later, a small fortified enclosure, called Garhi, was raised above the western bank around the traditional site of the temple.

A pool of fresh water oozing from the crevices in the rocks, called Siddha-Kund , lies about 600 km south of Suraj-kund and attracts a large number of pilgrims on certain holy days.

Writer has completed her masters (Specialization in medieval history) from Jamia Millia Islamia, department of history and culture.