Hakim Sharif Khan built a ‘mansion’ in 1720. Hakim Sadiq Ali Khan, who was the son of Hakim Sharif Khan; Built a mosque in the vicinity of the Haveli and named the mosque in the name of his walid, as well as the haveli named “Sharif Manzil”. Since then, this family is named as “Sharif Khani”.

This family was originally from Agra; When Shahjahanabad was built, these people came to Delhi, not with Shahjahan but during the reign of Aurangzeb. Since then, this family has been living in Ballimaran. Hakim Akmal Khan, who was titled Hajik-ul-Mulk, was the imperial hakim of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela. After Hakim Akmal Khan, his elder son Hakim Sharif Khan took his place. He made Sharif manzil; After him, his youngest son, Sadiq Ali Khan, took his place; because all his five sons were settled to different places, the youngest son Sadiq Ali Khan was in the Sharif Manzil.

This was the ritual of Khandan -e- Sharifi that the leader of the family will be the same leader who lives in the Sharif Manzil. After Sadiq Ali Khan, Ghulam Mahmood Khan was given the charge, After him Abdul Majid Khan was succeeded by his younger brother Vasil Khan, Ajmal Khan,  Hakim Muhammad Ahmad Khan, after him Zafar Khan, then Jameel Khan, then Mahmud Ahmad Khan became the rulers, and now Masroor Ahmad Khan, the current successor of the Sharif family.

शरीफ़ मंज़िल और ख़ानदान ए शरीफ़ी (1719 -2019)

Sharif Manzil has played different roles in different rounds, from here the freedom campaign has also started; Here also the mehfils were decorated and celebrated; The doctors and the Hakims played a different role, This place was celebrated where Umra, Raja Rajwad, Nawab used to come from different parts of India; In 1857, the Sharif Manzil turned into a Refugee Camp and served a number of people. There are legitimate and legal medical authorities in India today who were a result of this family only. They used to run the famous Hindustani Dawakhan and Tibbia College under the supervision of Sharif Manzil. Initially Jamia Milia Islamia has been raised by their household.

Shahi Hakim of dozen princely states like Patiala, Nabha, Gwalior, Jind and Rampur were related to this Sharif Manzil.

(This blog is written by the joint efforts of Md. Umar Ashraf, Anam Javed, Naila Asim, Saad Khan, the students of Development Communication AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia.)